Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Moving and Sitting Still

I'm closing in on my blog anniversary -- it will soon be my fifth year writing Bespectacled.

In the four years I've spent writing on here, I've moved. A lot.
From Toronto, to southeast England, to New York City, to Dublin, to northern Saskatchewan, to Halifax. With some additional travel crammed in there for fun. I'm tired just thinking about it.

And, after all this, I've just completed yet another big move -- to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Seven cities, on two continents, in four years, takes a toll on a person.
I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to experience the last four years. I've met amazing people, visited dozens of countries, gathered some fantastic experiences and even a furry friend. I wouldn't trade these last four years for the world.


I'm also really hoping that this move marks a shift in my life and on this blog. 
A home would be a wonderful thing to have (and it's something I still don't have here yet. Hurrah for temporary lodging!). I would like to sit still for a minute, unpack boxes that have been packed for the last four years, and cultivate a little life for myself in one place.

This will probably be harder for me than I'm willing to admit.
I've wanted to settle down for awhile now, but I always manage to find greener grass elsewhere. Now, I'm living in a city I've been dreaming of for years -- a city with mountains, a city with family, a city with culture. And, as of these last two weeks, a city with a great job that can become a great career. 
So I'm endeavouring to make this one stick.
Hopefully, in changing my life a little, this blog will also feel the shift.
A little fewer posts about packing (because I hopefully won't be packing quite so much), travel and general nomadic goodness. Instead, maybe I'll post a little more about creating a home while trying not to fall into the trap of 'stuff.' Maybe I'll post about recipes, or fitness goals, or exploring my new 'home'town. I'd like that.

I will always travel, and I will always love it.
But maybe I'll actually have a place to come home to when I do it. That's the goal, anyway.

Small disclaimer: the aforementioned temporary lodging is without internet. I may see you all in a month or two. Excuse me while I suppress a crying attack.

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