the Girl Behind the Specs

Hi there, and welcome to Bespectacled!

My name is Nicole.
I am currently finding my way through my late twenties.
Once a wandering nomad, I am in recovery and attempting to grow roots in my homeland of Canada.
I consume books as if they are oxygen. Which, as an English teacher, they kind of are.
Introverted but adventurous, I am also very goal-oriented.
I'm passionate about consuming less, and about thinking more.

I've had this blog for over six years, and it has been a wild ride.

Year One? I was discovering teaching and vintage in Toronto.
Year Two? Teaching abroad in England, followed by a summer in New York City.
Year Three? A Master's degree in Dublin, Ireland.
Year Four? A break from blogging in a northern Saskatchewan village, followed by a summer in Halifax.
Years Five and Six have been spent in Vancouver, BC.

Now? Now, I'm home again, for the first time since Year One. The most frightening and challenging adventure yet.

Feel free to take a look around or drop me a line! It's great having you!