The List

I've always kept a life-long to-do list. These near and dear goals are usually kept hidden in a drawer -- I thought that I would be more motivated to keep them in mind by posting them in public, where everyone and the internet can see.

I'll probably change some, delete others, and most definitely add more. But it's a start!

            01. build floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and fill them with books

            02. go to the beach in the dead of winter

            03. learn to play the piano

            04. walk on the Great Wall of China

            05.  get my CELTA (TESL) certification 

            06. learn French

            07.  skate on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa 

            08. live in New Zealand

            09. get my motorcycle licence

            10.  adopt a pet 

            11. drive across Canada, from St John's to Vancouver

            12.  go to Havana, Cuba 

            13.  blog for a year 

            14. make and host a Christmas dinner for my family

            15.  teach in my own classroom 

            16.  hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru 

            17.  run a 5k 

            18.  see the Tragically Hip  (not in Kingston, though)

            19. take a flying lesson

            20. write a novel

            21.  live in one place for more than a year 

            22. camp in the Rocky Mountains

            23. become a landlord

            24.  live and work abroad 

            25.  read Infinite Jest 

            26.  go to graduate school 

            27. brew my own beer

            28. knit a sweater

            29.  take a pottery class 

            30. sell a piece of pottery

            31. own a claw-footed bathtub 

            32. learn 'Old Man' on the guitar

            33. plant a tree

            34.  make jam from scratch 

            35. go to Dawson City, Yukon

            36.  watch every Alfred Hitchcock film 

            37.  join or start a book club 

            38.  go on a multi-day hike 

            39.  visit the desert 

            40.  live out of a suitcase 

            41.  watch every James Bond film 

            42. learn how to crochet

            43. visit Iceland

            44. sew a quilt

            45. go on a safari

            46.  make it through my first year of teaching 

            47. make my own soap

            48.  see a moose 

            49. grow a vegetable garden

            50.  go to Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York 

            51.  visit thirty countries before I turn thirty 

            52. stand on a glacier

            53. visit India

            54. get a tattoo that I love

            55. sail the Greek islands

            56.  write and post a short story 

            57. WWOOF on a farm

            58.  backpack solo through southeast Asia 

            59. see a performance of the Nutcracker

            60. hike the Grand Canyon